Doctoral Symposium

The UCC Doctoral Research Forum / PhD symposium participants and schedule will be announced here soon. The forum primarily takes place on Tuesday, December 18, but also guides participating students through tracks on other conference days.

For the forum, the following doctoral student papers have been accepted for presentation:

  • Naif Alasmari: Optimising Cloud-Based Hadoop 2.x Applications
  • Alina Buzachis and Massimo Villari: Basic Principles of Osmotic Computing: MELs Orchestration through Software Defined Membrane Leveraging Blockchain Facilities
  • Farzam Fanitabasi: A Review of Adversarial Behaviour in Distributed Multi-Agent Optimisation
  • Gourav Rattihalli: Exploring Potential for Resource Request Right-sizing via Estimation and Container Migration in Apache Mesos
  • Manuel Weißbach: Live Traffic Data Analysis Using Stream Processing

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