Doctoral Symposium

The UCC Doctoral Research Forum is a PhD symposium/young investigator track on Tuesday, December 18, in room BASIC. It also guides participating students through tracks on other conference days. The schedule is as follows:

9.00 Shared UCC Keynote (auditorium)

10.00 Doctoral Forum Keynote, Dirk Helbing, ETH Zurich, Switzerland: The Digital Revolution after Cambridge Analytica (see speakers page)

11.30 Student Presentations

  • Naif Alasmari: Optimising Cloud-Based Hadoop 2.x Applications
  • Farzam Fanitabasi: A Review of Adversarial Behaviour in Distributed Multi-Agent Optimisation
  • Gourav Rattihalli: Exploring Potential for Resource Request Right-sizing via Estimation and Container Migration in Apache Mesos

15.00 Doctoral Forum Invited Talk, Diego Perez-Palacin, Linnaeus University, Sweden: Quality of Service in Cloud Applications (see speakers page).

16.30 Student Presentations

  • Manuel Weißbach: Live Traffic Data Analysis Using Stream Processing
  • Wrap-up.

Note: Due to scheduling constraints, the following doctoral talk takes place on Thursday, December 20, at 16.00 in room FORTRAN.

  • Alina Buzachis and Massimo Villari: Basic Principles of Osmotic Computing: MELs Orchestration through Software Defined Membrane Leveraging Blockchain Facilities

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