The poster session will combine UCC and BDCAT posters. The following posters have been accepted for presentation on Wednesday, December 19. Underlined authors will be available to present and discuss their posters.

  • Kurt Stockinger, Jonas Heitz, Nils Bundi and Wolfgang Breymann: Large-Scale Data-Driven Financial Risk Modeling using Big Data Technology

  • Tobi Ajila and Shikaresh Majumdar: Data Driven Priority Scheduling on Spark-Based Stream Processing Systems

  • Ruriko Kudo, Miki Enoki, Aki Nakao, Shu Yamamoto, Saneyasu Yamaguchi and Masato Oguchi: Proposal and Evaluation of Event Search Method Based on SNS Data Analysis Focusing on Place and Time

  • Kamil Smolak, Barbara Kasieczka, Katarzyna Siła-Nowicka, Katarzyna Kopańczyk, Witold Rohm and Wiesław Fiałkiewicz: Urban hourly water demand prediction using human mobility data

  • Wu Yingying, Liang Zhenghe and Wang Jin: Implementation of Distributed XA Transactions in MyCat Based on Table Broadcasting Mechanism

  • Chien-Cheng Lee and Xiu-Chi Huang: Human Activity Detection via WiFi Signals Using Deep Neural Networks

  • Valentina Avati, Milosz Blaszkiewicz, Enrico Bocchi, Luca Canali, Diogo Castro, Javier Cervantes, Leszek Grzanka, Enrico Guiraud, Jan Kaspar, Prasanth Kothuri, Massimo Lamanna, Maciej Malawski, Aleksandra Mnich, Jakub Moscicki, Shravan Murali, Danilo Piparo and Enric Tejedor: Big Data Tools and Cloud Services for High Energy Physics Analysis in TOTEM Experiment

  • Michał Orzechowski, Bartosz Balis, Krystian Pawlik, Maciej Pawlik and Maciej Malawski: Transparent deployment of scientific workflows across clouds -- Kubernetes approach

  • Simon Eismann, Jóakim von Kistowski, Johannes Grohmann, André Bauer, Norbert Schmitt, Nikolas Roman Herbst and Samuel Kounev: TeaStore: A Micro-Service Reference Application for Cloud Researchers

  • Eduardo Gama, Roger Immich and Luiz Bittencourt: Towards a Multi-tier Fog/Cloud Architecture for Video Streaming

  • Alexey Podkoritov, Ksenia Repina, Gleb Radchenko and Andrei Tchernykh: Dataflow adapter: a tool for integrating legacy applications into distributed stream processing

  • Kayo Monteiro, Elisson Rocha, Emerson Silva, Guto Leoni Santos, Wylliams Santos and Patricia Takako Endo: Developing an e-health system based on IoT, fog and cloud computing

  • Elisson Rocha, Kayo Henrique, Emerson Silva, Guto Leoni Santos, Wylliams Santos and Patricia Takako Endo: Detecting epileptic seizures using deep learning with cloud and fog computing

  • Deepak Vasthimal: Robust & Resilient Migration of Data Processing Systems to Public Hadoop Grid

  • Natesha B V and Ram Mohana Reddy G: Heuristic-based IoT Application Modules Placement in the Fog-Cloud Computing Environment

  • David Holland and Weining Zhang: Using Containers to Execute SQL Queries in a Cloud

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